• Project: Panorama Tower
  • 20,300 Tons
    1.7M lbs post tensioning

    At 84 stories, it is the tallest building south of NYC and a 2018 recipient of the prestigious Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute’s HONORS Award.

  • Project: FAU Dormitory
  • 500 Tons
    173,000 lbs of post-tensioning cable
    General Contractor: Balfour Beatty
    Schedule: 4 Months
  • Project: Miami Beach Edition
  • 1,800 Tons
    200,000 lbs of post tensioning cable, 300,000 sqft of mesh, link beams
    General Contractor: Coastal Construction
    Schedule: 10 Months
  • Project: Surf Club
  • 7,400 Tons
    1.1M lbs of post tensioning cable

    Hotel accommodations, residential units, swimming pools, gym, and restaurants are just some of the features of this nine-acre development.

  • Project: Miami Science Museum
  • 5,100 Tons
    97,000 lbs of bonded post-tensioning cable
    General Contractor: Suffolk Construction
    Schedule: 14 Months
    CSBE Qualifier

    A centerpiece of the museum, the 500K-gal. aquarium features 9.5 miles of post- tensioning cables supporting an inverted shark tank.

  • Project: Brickell City Centre Foundations
  • 22,143 Tons
    1.5M lbs of post tensioning
    General Contractor: Turner Construction
    Schedule: 10 Months

    Hailed as a masterpiece of art and science, this 4.9M sq. ft. development effectively transformed the heart of downtown Miami.

  • Project: New Federal Office Building
  • 2,100 Tons
    General Contractor: Hensel Phelps
    Schedule: 8 Months
    WOSB Qualifier
  • Project: Saxony Residences
  • 1,800 Tons
    275,000 lbs of post-tensioning cable
    General Contractor: Coastal Construction
    Schedule: 8 Months